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Chiesa Nuova - ASSISI


Chiesa Nuova - ASSISI

The Sanctuary was built on the site of the family home of St. Francis. The religious community began their service in the church in 1615. The church is dedicated to the conversion of the Little Poor Man of Assisi (St. Franciscus conversus): in fact, in the church there is a nook under a staircase in which Peter Bernardone locked up his son after he ran away to Foligno to sell fabrics to use the money to repair the church of San Damiano. One can also visit the shop area where young Francis worked with his Father as a cloth merchant. The stained glass windows were done by Fr. Alberto Farina ofm (1975).

In the small square in front of the church there are two statues of St. Francis’ parents by the sculptor Joppolo. The parents are commemorated on the second Sunday of September every year on the “Feast of the Family of Francis”.

There is an important Franciscan Historical Library in the convent of Chiesa Nuova. It has many manuscripts (miniated manuscripts, papal bulls, chronicles), incunabula and “cinquecentine”. There is also a small Museum of Franciscan objects located in what was the home of the Assisi painter Tiberio Diotallevi (1470-1524).

The Fraternity that lives alongside provides pastoral and liturgical services and meets visitors of the Sanctuary. In addition, they provide the chaplaincy service for the Poor Clares of the Convent of S. Quirico.


How to reach us

Directions to get to the Sanctuary by car or by train

By car:


After reaching Assisi, follow the road outside the city walls.

Leave the car at the parking lot of St. Clare (Parking Lot B).


By train:



Rome – Florence Train (by way of Foligno) Get off at the Assisi Station;

Florence – Rome Train (by way of Perugia) Get off at the Assisi Station.

Outside the train station, there is a bus for Assisi every 30 minutes.

Get off at the Porta Nuova stop.


NB: For further details, contact the fraternity.

Community Schedule

Celebrations and visiting hours of the Sanctuary

Mass Schedules

Weekdays: 7:00 am

Sunday and Feasts: 7:30 and 10:00 am


Visiting hours of the Sanctuary:

6:30 am – 6:30 pm

Hospitality & Contacts

Useful information for contacting us

There is no guest accommodation in the Convent.

Arrangements can be made with the Fr. Guardian for a guided visit of the Sanctuary.


Chiesa Nuova Friary
Piazza Chiesa Nuova, 7
06081 Assisi (PG)
Tel. +39.075.812339
Fax: +39.075.8155050
e-mail: conventochiesanuova@gmail.com